SearchNorwich 10: Getting started with Query in Google Sheets and Marketplace SEO

The talks and speakers

Hannah Rampton: Getting started with Query in Google Sheets

Key takeaways from Hannah:

  • The Query function in Google Sheets is a powerhouse!
  • Query combines filtering with arithmetic functions and aggregation such as AVG. SUM, MAX, COUNT, allowing you to both cleanse and calculate in a single query.
  • You are able to use dynamic settings using nested vlookups.



Aleyda Solis: How to develop actionable and impactful SEO audits

Key takeaways from Aleyda

  • The goal of an SEO audit is to be source and driver of the process.
  • SEO audits are challenging, Aleyda uses a set of principles she calls SP2: Strategic, prioritised, solution-focused, proactive/preventative.
  • No SEO audit can be standardised – it will change based on goals, website size, the type of business and SEO majority.



What’s this one all about?

For SearchNorwich 10 we’ve got award winner Hannah Rampton with us to talk about getting started with Query in Google Sheets. Hannah has over a decade of experience and has worked for respected agencies such as StrategiQ and SEOgadget (now Builtvisible).

We also have international SEO consultant Aleyda Solis coming along to talk to you about Marketplace SEO. Aleyda has spoken at over 100 conferences in 20 different countries to offer actionable SEO tips.

Never been before?

You should come along! It’s a really friendly bunch of people who come with an open mind to expand their knowledge.

There are many reasons why you should come, apart from the free beer, food, and wine, you’ll also get the opportunity to network with like-minded people and listen to great speakers.

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Event Details:

Date: 15th January 2020
6:15pm – 9:00pm
1st Floor Event Space, St. George’s Works, Norwich, NR3 1DD
Tickets: Attendance is free but you need to register on MeetUp

Event Schedule:

18:15-18:45: Meet new people

Grab a name badge and a drink, wear a smile and you’ll meet some lovely people who want to talk to you about search (and probably other stuff, too!).

18:45-19:00: Charity Spotlight: Musical Keys

Ed Maxfield will be shedding light on the charity, Musical Keys! Musical Keys provides music and arts activities for people with disabilities and additional needs in Norfolk and the surrounding area

19:00-19:30: Hannah Rampton: Getting started with Query in Google Sheets

The Query function in Google Sheets is a powerhouse! It combines the capabilities of arithmetic functions with filtering abilities and you can use dynamic settings using nested vlookups. Hannah is going to simplify the query function, show you how to get started, along with some demonstrations on the power these unlocks for you.

19:30-20:00: Aleyda Solis: How to develop actionable and impactful SEO audits

In this session, Aleyda will share actionable principles to follow when developing an SEO audit to make it easily actionable and maximize its impact faster

20:00-21:00: Networking and chats

Refill your glasses, share your thoughts on what you’ve just learned and meet some new people! Drinks and snacks are kindly provided by our January 2020 sponsors.

How to find the venue:

Never fear, it’s easy to find! Google Maps will take you straight to the front door of St. Georges Works off Colegate which looks like this:

Take a step in and go through the doors directly ahead of you and up the first stairs, turn left and you’ll see a sign for “First Floor” – you’re almost there! Go through the first door on your right and you’ll walk into the 1st Floor Event Space, congratulations, you made it! Grab a name badge, a drink and meet some of the friendliest search marketers in Norwich.

Where to park:

If you’re arriving by car, the nearest car park is St.Andrews Car park which is a mere 3 minute walk away from the St. Georges Works venue. You can check how many parking spaces are free in St. Andrews with ParkBot.

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