SearchNorwich 3: Better CTRs and client relationships

SearchNorwich 2

Wow! What an interesting event SearchNorwich 2 was – how will we follow that? Make the pizzas arrive on time, I guess! We’ll be back on Thursday 8th November, kicking off as usual at 6:15pm!

What’s this one all about?

SearchNorwich 3 is going to get technical with Andrew Martin talking to us about one of the most important aspects of SEO in 2018: Schema, specifically, how you can use schema to improve your click through rate (CTR) in the search results.

We’re also welcoming Ashley Hewett from bangbangDigital who is going to be helping both clients and agencies with some tips on how to improve your relationships.

Our charity spotlight this month is going to be from Lisa Becker, who is the Fundraising Officer at Keeping Abreast, a charity that offers support groups across the UK for women facing/considering reconstructive surgery, to meet/talk to others who have been through it.

Never been before?

You should! It’s a really friendly bunch of people and everyone comes with an open mind to learn. In fact, there are loads of reasons to come (apart from the free food, drinks, wine beer and cool arcade machines).

You’ll find out how people are really doing search marketing in the front line and winning results. Apart from listening to the speakers, it’s a great place to network if you’re after a job or just looking to swap advice with someone.

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Event Details:

Date: Thursday 8th November
6:15pm – 9:00pm
1st Floor Event Space, St. George’s Works, Norwich, NR3 1DD
Tickets: Attendance is free but you need to register on MeetUp

Event Schedule:

18:15-18:45: Meet new people
Grab a name badge and a drink, wear a smile and you’ll meet some lovely people who want to talk to you about search (and probably other stuff, too!).

18:45-19:00: Charity spotlight: Keeping Abreast with Lisa Becker
Lisa Becker will be presenting a 10 minute talk, letting us know about the work Keeping Abreast are doing.

19:00-19:30: Andrew Martin: How to use Schema to enrich search results and improve CTR
This session introduces Schema, and explains how you can use it to help search engines better understand your company, your website and your online content, and present it in a more interesting way right there in search results.

19:30-20:00: Ashley Hewitt: 3 key stages for client relationship success
Understand how the impact of your working relationships can cause issues and learn how to improve trust, client retention and business success.

20:00-21:00: Networking and chats
Refill your glasses, share your thoughts on what you’ve just learned and meet some new people! Drinks and snacks are kindly provided by our November 2018 sponsors.

How to find the venue:

Never fear, it’s easy to find! Google Maps will take you straight to the front door of St. Georges Works off Colegate which looks like this:

Take a step in and go through the doors directly ahead of you and up the first stairs, turn left and you’ll see a sign for “First Floor” – you’re almost there! Go through the first door on your right and you’ll walk into the 1st Floor Event Space, congratulations, you made it! Grab a name badge, a drink and meet some of the friendliest search marketers in Norwich.

Where to park:

If you’re arriving by car, the nearest car park is St.Andrews Car park which is a mere 3 minute walk away from the St. Georges Works venue. You can check how many parking spaces are free in St. Andrews with ParkBot.

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