SearchNorwich 3: Roundup, downloads and your feedback

Lisa from Keeping Abreast

Despite an unfortunate clash with 2 other events on the same night, I’m pleased to say SearchNorwich #3 kept its high attendance with over 50 of you showing up!

The talks and speakers


Charity: Lisa Becker from Keeping Abreast


Andrew Martin: How to use Schema to enrich search results and improve your CTR

Key takeaways from Andrew:

  • Schema (Structured Data) enables you to help search engines better understand the content of your website – right down to really granular details.
  • JSON-LD script is the preferred method to deliver the markup into your site.
  • Google, Yahoo!, Yandex and Bing collaborated to develop schema and it’s constantly evolving and expanding.
  • Search Engines can use schema to make a variety of extra information/features visually prominent in search results – which in turn can help lure more users to click through to your site.
  • There are lots of free online tools that can help you learn to write and test schema markup from Google, SchemaApp and


Ashley Hewitt: 3 key stages for client relationship success

Key takeaways from Ashley:

  • Just because client/agency relationship management doesn’t scoop those ‘sexy’ awards, doesn’t make it any less important. Poor relationships have a direct correlation with poor client retention
  • Don’t set unrealistic goals or expectations. EVER. If you can’t achieve what you’re suggesting can be delivered, trust will be jeopardised at a very early stage. Use a testing period to understand the true growth opportunities
  • When meeting with the client, be it a physical meeting or telephone call, listen. As an agency, it’s invaluable that you get a full insight to the business operations and understand the areas/goals that require focus
  • Ensure that whenever you’re working on behalf of the client, that your actions represent the brand in the best light. Don’t jeopardise clients reputations for a quick win, across any activity, without first discussing the potential repercussions first
  • Be patient, be clear and avoid any industry jargon when explaining activity and results
  • Make your client feel important. Whether their spending £100 or £10,000 they need to feel as though they’re being looked after and are getting good value for their budget
  • Never forget: Your client/agency contact is human. They will have good days, they will have bad days, emotions will occasionally overrule niceties, but don’t take it personally. Maintain a professional standard and always pay attention to changes in tone and communications; ensuring that any potential issues are addressed before they become relationship damaging


Your feedback

You want to get to know each other better

We received this piece of feedback:

“A half-formed thought that just occurred to me – what if prior to the event, attendees uploaded their logos somewhere? They could form a carousel/grid/poster as part of a “Who’s here” feature. Perhaps micro-profiles that show name/role/logo/interests/what we’re working on. Just another way of connecting dots and learning about those you don’t get to meet on the night.”

I think this is a fantastic idea! As we use to organise our events, we can already see who is signed up to attend and there is the ability to upload an avatar, location and bio, so I would encourage all of you to do it prior to attending an event!


You were a bit hot under the collar!

There was a couple of bits of feedback saying the room was quite hot – totally agree with you! I tried to get the air conditioning switched on during the event, but the way the mics had been rigged for filming, this was not possible. I’ll make sure it is always an option in the future 🙂


Technical isn’t always scary

One bit of feedback I was particularly pleased about was the difficulty ratings for Andrew Martin’s talk on schema. Despite being a potentially very technical topic, over 70% of respondents rated the difficulty of the talk as “Just right”, which I think is an amazing achievement!

Difficulty of schema talk

Thanks again to our speakers, attendees and sponsors

You’re all amazing and I hope we’ll see you in 2019 for the next SearchNorwich, which will be the 10th January!