SearchNorwich 7: Tips and tactics to generate clicks & outsourcing your digital marketing on the cheap

SearchNorwich 6 talk by Stacey MacNaught

It’s July and we’re back with more Search goodness, great speakers, brilliant talks and lovely Search marketers to network with (and some pizza, of course).

The talks and speakers

Charity: Dom Hodgson, Martin House Hospice for Children and Young People

Dom Hodgson: Adventures in Outsourcing your digital marketing on the cheap

Key takeaways from Dom:

  • When launching a new product, there are certain steps which you can carry out
  • Use Paid advertising platforms – such as Google Ads and Facebook with important tasks such as Ad copy creation and keyword research
  • SEO audit
  • Social media marketing
  • Press Release
  • Fiverr offers many services, as well as digital marketing, for approximately $5
  • Dom Hodgson quickly realises why these services were so cheap



Adventures in outsourcing your digital marketing on the cheap – Dom Hodgson from SearchNorwich

Daniel Brooks: Tips & tactics that generate clicks & impressions to implement tomorrow!

Key takeaways from Daniel:

  • Consider ‘The Buyer’s Journey’, where users will be aware of a problem they have, they will consider some solutions from online, and finally decide to take action
  • Produce a list of seed keywords in relation to this
  • Produce keywords which correlate with all three phases of ‘The Buyer’s Journey’, from the seed keyword list
  • Use metrics to track effectiveness of keywords – search volume, estimated CPC, competition, difficulty, and organic CTR
  • Google Search Console can be used to see what is ranking, as well as SEMrush and Moz
  • Analyse competitor keyword usage
  • Map and track research



Tips and tactics that generate clicks and impressions from SearchNorwich


One of the most interesting bits of feedback was trying to introduce some variety to the networking prior to the talks to encourage people to mix more. If you have any suggestions on how we might do this, drop us an email or tweet us.

What’s this one all about?

After the last event’s brilliant feedback, we’re bringing you more content marketing at lower risks. First you’ll see experienced marketer, comedian and entrepreneur Dom Hodgson who will be chatting about Fiverr, in his talk Adventures in Outsourcing your digital marketing on the cheap.

Martin House Hospice for Children and Young People is the chosen charity spotlight, with Dom Hodgson providing some more information about them!

Never been before?

You should! It’s a really friendly bunch of people and everyone comes with an open mind to learn. In fact, there are loads of reasons to come (apart from the free food, drinks, wine beer and cool arcade machines).

You’ll find out how people are really doing search marketing in the front line and winning results. Apart from listening to the speakers, it’s a great place to network if you’re after a job or just looking to swap advice with someone.

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Event Details:

Date: Thursday 4th July 2019
6:15pm – 9:00pm
1st Floor Event Space, St. George’s Works, Norwich, NR3 1DD
Tickets: Attendance is free but you need to register on MeetUp

Event Schedule:

18:15-18:45: Meet new people
Grab a name badge and a drink, wear a smile and you’ll meet some lovely people who want to talk to you about search (and probably other stuff, too!).

18:45-19:00: Charity spotlight: Martin House Hospice for Children and Young People with Dom Hodgson
Dom is a multi-talented man with a varied life, having worked in multiple industries whilst doing lots of charity work alongside.

19:00-19:30: Dom Hodgson: Adventures in Outsourcing your digital marketing on the cheap
A talk about how you can (or can’t) do digital marketing on a small budget with someone off the internet, Dom will see how cheap he can go to advertise his products.

19:30-20:00: Daniel Brooks: Keyword Research – Tips & tactics that will generate clicks and impressions to implement tomorrow!
This talk will provide you some great new keyword research techniques which can you can start using tomorrow.

20:00-21:00: Networking and chats
Refill your glasses, share your thoughts on what you’ve just learned and meet some new people! Drinks and snacks are kindly provided by our July 2019 sponsors.

How to find the venue:

Never fear, it’s easy to find! Google Maps will take you straight to the front door of St. Georges Works off Colegate which looks like this:

Take a step in and go through the doors directly ahead of you and up the first stairs, turn left and you’ll see a sign for “First Floor” – you’re almost there! Go through the first door on your right and you’ll walk into the 1st Floor Event Space, congratulations, you made it! Grab a name badge, a drink and meet some of the friendliest search marketers in Norwich.

Where to park:

If you’re arriving by car, the nearest car park is St.Andrews Car park which is a mere 3 minute walk away from the St. Georges Works venue. You can check how many parking spaces are free in St. Andrews with ParkBot.

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