3 key stages for client relationship success

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Understand how the impact of your working relationships can cause issues and learn how to improve trust, client retention and business success.

Working in the digital marketing sector can be tough when it comes to relationship management, given the relative lack of tangible assets delivered, as well as the potential risk of not being able to deliver results immediately. With this in mind it’s tantamount that relationships flourish throughout, allowing you to focus on delivering results and implementing strategies, instead of worrying about any potential fractures in trust and confidence.



Key takeaways

  • Just because client/agency relationship management doesn’t scoop those ‘sexy’ awards, doesn’t make it any less important. Poor relationships have a direct correlation with poor client retention
  • Don’t set unrealistic goals or expectations. EVER. If you can’t achieve what you’re suggesting can be delivered, trust will be jeopardised at a very early stage. Use a testing period to understand the true growth opportunities
  • When meeting with the client, be it a physical meeting or telephone call, listen. As an agency, it’s invaluable that you get a full insight to the business operations and understand the areas/goals that require focus
  • Ensure that whenever you’re working on behalf of the client, that your actions represent the brand in the best light. Don’t jeopardise clients reputations for a quick win, across any activity, without first discussing the potential repercussions first
  • Be patient, be clear and avoid any industry jargon when explaining activity and results
  • Make your client feel important. Whether their spending £100 or £10,000 they need to feel as though they’re being looked after and are getting good value for their budget
  • Never forget: Your client/agency contact is human. They will have good days, they will have bad days, emotions will occasionally overrule niceties, but don’t take it personally. Maintain a professional standard and always pay attention to changes in tone and communications; ensuring that any potential issues are addressed before they become relationship damaging
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