Blackhat SEO

First Floor Meeting Space

Find out how blackhat SEOs are still dominating Google in 2018.

Google has a set of ‘Webmaster Guidelines’ which lay out the rules of engagement for SEO. Of course, it’s completely up to you if you choose to obey them or not. This sessions explores the techniques and tactics that ‘blackhat’ SEOs are using in 2018 and beating Google at its own game.




Key takeaways

  • PBNs work and the risk is minimal if you take care and do them properly
  • You don’t have to link directly to your site with PBNs to get benefit
  • “Boost” sites that link to you by pointing PBN or paid links at them
  • Delegate, outsource and automate where possible to scale
  • CTR is definitely at least a temporal ranking factor
  • Beware those who offer free audits / want access to your Google My Business page
  • It’s possible to outrank big sites if their content (such as contact pages) are poor
  • Everyone is busy and rarely checks facts, that can get your links if you’re prepared
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