Content with more ‘crunch’

First Floor Meeting Space

Discover free tools and get actionable tips on how to best structure your site and content to rank in 2018.

As Google and other search engines improve their Natural Language Understanding (NLU), SEO in 2018 becomes a lot more than going after individual keywords. In this session, Elodie will cover:

  • Why traditional keyword research is out and content clustering is in
  • How Google’s search algorithm has evolved over the years and how this has impacts site structure
  • Why site architecture plays an important role in SEO helping to indicate content relevancy
  • Actionable advice on how to structure your site and which free tools to use



Key takeaways

  • Google does not want you to research lots of individual keywords for lots of different pages anymore.
  • Use ‘content clusters’ to organise content into a hub and spoke type model
  • Useful search results are about answers peoples’ questions and satisfying intent
  • Better search rankings comes from context + content
  • Stay focused on your niche and write for your audience
  • Consider if you are actually the best person to write the content
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