Essential technical SEO learnings from launching/migrating over 120 websites

Launching/migrating a website is the most critical point in its lifecyle – you don’t want to have to learn things the hard way if you don’t have to! Not many people get the opportunity to launch and migrate as many websites as I have, in this talk I will share my experience and findings across the 120+ I’ve been responsible for.

The main aim is to help the audience understand how to cope/avoid with each point to ensure their future migrations are a success.




Key Takeaways from Chris:

  • Set Expectations Early – What improvements can you expect, what content is needed, what potential issues lie with the new platform.
  • Benchmark performance, show stakeholders what does/doesn’t work early on – use this to inform the migration prep
  • Technical SEO fixes alone don’t improve rankings at site migrations
  • Learn to work well with external parties, the project success depends on it
  • SEOs alone build bad websites, know when to butt-out, but more importantly when to butt back in
  • The CMO is more likely to cause SEO-issues than the CMS is