Fail Free Content Marketing that builds links and influence

This will be a highly actionable talk based on current case studies focusing on minimising risk and maximising success through PR SEO. Lexi will provide media industry trends and insights and breakdown how media relations, outreach tactics and strategies can be adapted to meet these industry changes.

Lexi will share advice for designing and executing impactful, integrated campaigns and how to use SEO metrics to inform communication strategies. She will highlight the importance of and methods for assessing creative campaigns for PR-ability and the tools that can aid this.

Throughout she will demonstrate which tools, systems and processes help reduce risk and increase results for PR SEO, social media and content marketing campaigns.

She will conclude by looking at how consumer behaviour and algorithmic changes are influencing the requirements for integrated marketing.





Key Takeaways from Lexi:

  • Not every business or client is in an optimum place to implement an integrated PRSEO strategy. Typically small to medium size firms are able to do this quicker. Larger firms always get more benefit from this type of strategy if key teams such as brand, social, PR, content and SEO can work together to agree on a strategy that fits in with their current workflow ahead of starting to implement this. Scheduling check ins with each team head can also significantly increase results and reduce friction from doing so.
  • Setting up a strong press office that is clearly mapped out will not only increase the amount of press articles created by tradition journalists but also position you to get media placements from increasing amount of articles created by robo/ AI.
  • Creating a tiered set of performance metrics  that change and adapt over time allows for a team to clearly monitor progress of PR SEO activities. Some metrics are not possible to Turkey measure impact initially for example DA growth. However measuring amount of warm leads and confirmed articles can be measured in the first few months.
  • Being fast it critical to gaining both quantity and quality results. Building agile teams and seeking out multiple spokespeople who can be quoted on a variety of specialist areas significantly aids this.
  • Planning product launches in phases helps to not only increase results but also create a strong sustainable drumbeat of coverage.
  • Targeting trade and business press to help build awareness of a brand with both media and consumers ahead of larger launches is often the gold ticket to success and we are seeing that a focus on trade and business media seems to be showing better movements in rankings than ‘one hit wonder’ campaigns that built a glut of links and coverage.