Honey, I shrunk the content marketing budget!

First Floor Meeting Space

Big content is big news. But it also needs BIG budget. So how do you build links if you simply don’t have thousands of pounds to spend on content marketing campaigns?In this talk, Stacey will share lower cost, lower risk content marketing tactics and other link acquisition methods for SMEs that you can go away and start implementing the very next day.



Key takeaways from Stacey:

  • History has shown that big budgets will bring in lots of backlinks, but this isn’t always needed!
  • For SME’s there are some great low cost methods of content production in the slides, and getting links through media kits
  • Getting market research data is cheaper than you think! Google Surveys and Strawpolls are your best friend here, as are Freedom of Information requests
  • Content that generates links and buzz can always be achieved on the budget, the idea is the most important part

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