How to use Schema to enrich search results and improve your CTR.

First Floor Meeting Space

Ever wondered what structured data or rich snippets are? Wish you could be more visually appealing in search results and catch the eye of more search engine users?

This session introduces Schema, and explains how you can use it to help search engines better understand your company, your website and your online content, and present it in a more interesting way right there in search results.



Key takeaways

  • Schema (Structured Data) enables you to help search engines better understand the content of your website – right down to really granular details.
  • JSON-LD script is the preferred method to deliver the markup into your site.
  • Google, Yahoo!, Yandex and Bing collaborated to develop schema and it’s constantly evolving and expanding.
  • Search Engines can use schema to make a variety of extra information/features visually prominent in search results – which in turn can help lure more users to click through to your site.
  • There are lots of free online tools that can help you learn to write and test schema markup from Google, SchemaApp and
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