Keyword research: The beginning, the middle and the end

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Grabbing keywords in the planning stage of a new page helps you guess at how it might perform, or the way it might help people, but this is only half the job. Once it’s live we have much more information available about its actual performance, in order to make improvements. The final steps of which only finish once we know where the next page begins.




Key takeaways

  • A page with ranking and performance data can be improved upon more easily than getting new pages to rank from scratch.
  • This approach helps you build on the things which already work, rather than using guess work.
  • Growing the page using insight from the keywords it ‘nearly‘ ranks for can help improve the breadth of the topic, increase the keywords it will rank for, and potentially improves rankings over all.
  • When you have grown it as much as possible, you’ll naturally be faced needing to create a new page, in order to keep targeting closely related keywords.
  • Understand which are your best performing pages and be sure to protect them with maintenance. Also understand which ones could do with a little extra ‘love’ – make sure this work gets done. Only then should you be confident to go off and opportunity spot for new pages.
And remember….
  • A page which ranks, and sends traffic is more valuable than 100 pages which do not.
  • Going for the ‘volume of pages’ approach is a great way to get lucky sometimes.
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