Keyword Research: Tips & tactics that generate clicks & impressions to implement tomorrow!

At the end of this talk you’ll have a number of new keyword research techniques at your disposal that are so easy to do you’ll be able to start using them the next day. See things from a different light that will enable you to target and prioritise new phrases that will help generate traffic and conversions for you and your clients.



Key takeaways from Daniel:

  • Consider ‘The Buyer’s Journey’, where users will be aware of a problem they have, they will consider some solutions from online, and finally decide to take action
  • Produce a list of seed keywords in relation to this
  • Produce keywords which correlate with all three phases of ‘The Buyer’s Journey’, from the seed keyword list
  • Use metrics to track effectiveness of keywords – search volume, estimated CPC, competition, difficulty, and organic CTR
  • Google Search Console can be used to see what is ranking, as well as SEMrush and Moz
  • Analyse competitor keyword usage
  • Map and track research