Leveraging the Google brain for increased Adwords ROI

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Find out how Google’s latest innovations with machine learning can be used to increase your Adwords Return On Investment (ROI)

Over the last few years, Google have made significant advancements with using machine learning to assist marketers with their Adwords campaigns. Opinion has been divided over the pros and cons of letting Google automatically manage your bidding; should you get the platform that’s taking your money decide how to spend it?



Key takeaways

  • Google AdWords is about relevance & user experience, not keywords & bidding
  • Quality score has a direct impact on your cost per conversion and therefore your ROI
  • Everything is a test, and you should test regularly, you’ll rarely get it right first time
  • Get smart and use Google’s free testing tools
  • Get even smarter and get Google’s new ad features to do the testing for you
Remember, test, test and test again. That’s how you get ROI from Google AdWords!
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