SISTRIX SEO Tool Workshop

First Floor Meeting Space

We have 10 places for a free SISTRIX Toolbox Training Workshop running 10am-5pm on 7th November.

As our new sponsor, SISTRIX have offered to run a free, all day training workshop on their SISTRIX SEO Toolbox, covering:

10am to 1pm (With breaks)

We’ll begin at 10am with a discussion round. The more the trainer can understand your requirements, the more we can flex the training day to suit you.

SISTRIX toolbox data:
What is SISTRIX? Our data? Our Toolbox?

SEO-Module Part 1: Introduction and overview of Toolbox features and layout. Using the Visibility Index. Help system. Graphical elements. Lists, dashboards and reports.

1pm to 2pm Lunch: You’re invited to take a break, have some food, and chat with participants.

2pm to 5pm (With breaks) SEO Module Part 2: Historical data. Keyword data. Competitor analysis. Keyword and domain lists. Case studies. Ranking Distribution, URL and directory views. SERP-Snippets optimisation and Universal-Search analytics. Connecting Google Analytics and Search Console data.

Link-Module: We take a look at the link module features, how you can evaluate a profile and find broken links. Link opportunities and link monitoring.

Optimizer Module: We’ll configure a new optimiser project which will give you the ability to check for technical SEO errors and monitor specific keywords, locations and competitors. We’ll should you how to create your own Visibility Index and find significant competitors within that keyword set. HTML archiving, availability and speed test monitoring, incoming links and social signals and one-time technical SEO site crawling is also covered..

Ads Module, Social Module: An overview of the data available via our Ads Module and the social signals available in the Social Module.

Questions are always welcome throughout the workshop To guarantee that, we always keep the group size small.

You can sign up here:

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