Won’t somebody think of the robots?

First Floor Meeting Space

The important SEO that can easily fall through the cracks during development.

Some of the most important SEO you can do is ‘invisible’ to the user. With designers and developers rightly building online experiences with a user-centric approach, it’s not uncommon for these SEO considerations to be overlooked. This presentation will highlight some specific examples of ‘invisible SEO’ for you as a business owner or digital marketer to look out for, as well as some technical implementation details if you’re a developer. Mark will deliver some examples of what can happen if the ball is dropped, too!



Key takeaways from Mark

  • Lots of important SEO changes have no direct impact on the user – so they can easily be overlooked
  • Seemingly ‘simple’ things such as URL migrations are often more nuanced and complex than they seem
  • Advice even from sources such as Google does not always reflect reality – listen to all sources
  • Be aware some modern JS frameworks can cause crawling issues
  • Googlebot doesn’t do javascript
  • Dynamic rendering is a potential solution
  • Schema is important
Technical SEO