Chris Green

Head of Search at StrategiQ

Chris Green is a technical SEO/Digital Marketer of nearly 10 years and overall internet nerd.

Head of StrategiQ – a full-service Marketing agency in the UK, recently awarded ‘Best Small Integrated Agency’ at the UK Search Awards.

Chris is a regular at conferences, webinars, near enough anything SEO, from BrightonSEO, State of Digital Conference, Optimisey, SAScon and can be found blogging mostly on State of Digital and Strategiq’s blog as well as (sometimes) pontificating on Twitter.

My Sessions

SISTRIX SEO Tool Workshop

First Floor Meeting Space

We have 10 places for a free SISTRIX Toolbox Training Workshop running 10am-5pm

Technical SEO

Essential technical SEO learnings from launching/migrating over 120 websites

First Floor Meeting Space

Launching/migrating a website is the most critical point in its lifecyle – you don’t want to have to learn things the hard way if you don’t have to! Not many people get the opportunity to launch and migrate as many websites as I have, in this talk I will share my experience and findings across […]