Dom Hodgson

Cofounder of Kerboo and Little Warden

Dom Hodgson has had a few different jobs in his life, from a childcare assistant, a sweet shop owner. conference organiser and a ‘pretty average SEO’

A few years ago Dom switched full time from ranking websites to building tools and services to help others who are ranking websites.

He is cofounder of two two companies, Kerboo & Little Warden and you should definitely be using them both.

Also, there is a good chance he will mention Disney World in his presentation.

My Sessions

Adventures in Outsourcing your digital marketing on the cheap

Remember the days when you could build a product then submit it to the Yahoo! directory and wait for the hundreds of visitors that would find it.. Well, directories are gone, Yahoo! is now Oath and I’ve still got things to launch.  So Dom Hodgson bought a load of thick business books and used them […]


Charity: Martin House Hospice for Children and Young People

This month, Dom Hodgson will be speaking about all of his charity work which ranges in craziness and promoting the Martin House Hospice for Children and Young People.