Steven van Vessum

VP of Community / Co-founder of ContentKing

Steven is the co-founder and VP of Community at ContentKing. He’s been doing SEO for over 13 years. He’s been on all sides of the table: 3 years in-house, 6 years running a digital marketing agency and 4 years at an SEO software platform.

Steven loves to share what he’s learned through writing and speaking. Most of his writing is published on the ContentKing Academy, but he also contributes to Search Engine Journal, CMSWire and Content Marketing Institute.

Company Web: https://www.contentkingapp.com/
Personal Web: https://steven.land/
Twitter: @Stevenvvessum
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevenvanvessum/

My Sessions

SEO disasters: the good, the bad and the taboo

First Floor Meeting Space

There’s huge taboo around sharing SEO disasters. No one wants to look bad, so everyone shares graphs showing organic traffic going up on social media. SEO disasters happen though, more often than you think. If we’re not open about the things that go wrong, how can we improve ourselves and help others improve? Others will […]

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